Joshua Group Preschool Program

Recognizing that a quality preschool education is core to our mission and one of the most pressing needs in Harrisburg, the Joshua Group provides a half-day Preschool Program from Head Start’s waiting list, for 3, 4 and 5 year olds from low-income families living in the city of Harrisburg.  By the time low-income city children start kindergarten, those without preschool experience tend to fall behind, especially in reading skills. The Joshua Group Preschool Program offers a kindergarten readiness curriculum, focuses on academic and social development, and utilizes pre-reading software designed to enrich vocabulary and ensure reading readiness. The classes are staffed by qualified, nurturing teachers and offer a small student-to-teacher ratio to better provide the individual help the children need. The 3-year-old class is offered Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings and afternoons; the pre-K class is offered Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings and afternoons.  

Joshua Group’s EITC Pre-K Scholarship Program provides full scholarships for the Joshua Group Preschool Program for qualifying low-income families and intentionally targets children most at risk of entering school both academically and socially unprepared, such as children from neighborhood shelters and soup kitchens.

For more information about the Joshua Group Preschool Program, the EITC Pre-K Scholarship Program, or for an application, please call the office at 717-236-4464.