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The Joshua Group is an at-risk youth mentoring organization located and working with youth living primarily in the Allison Hill neighborhood of the City of Harrisburg — a neighborhood with the highest poverty rates, highest unemployment rates, highest violent crime rates and highest drop-out rates in the city.
We got our start in 1998 working out of the old closed down St. Francis Parish school building on Market Street.
As word spread about our program, we were invited to become a Program Partner of the United Way of the Capital Region several years later. Continuing to grow, we needed our own space and with the help of some generous supporters, in 2003, we acquired one of the blighted houses in the neighborhood, rehabbed it and moved in.
This new location at 1442 Market Street, where some of our staff actually now live, gave us a greater presence in the neighborhood, allowing us to establish a variety of new programs and to be available 24-7 to serve the increased demands for our mentoring and outreach services for any youth coming to our door.
Here on our website, you'll read about our programs and outreach services and our farm. Most important we can share the ways we are helping our youth in this neighborhood find ways to help themselves today to make a difference tomorrow.
Many of you are already aware and are supporting our work and we thank you. If you are learning about Joshua Group for the first time, welcome.
— Kirk Hallett, Founder and Director
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