Joshua Group Kindergarten

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Since 2016 the Joshua Group has provided a full day Kindergarten Program for up to 17 students; the program is licensed by the PA Department of Education and is free to low-income children who have graduated from the Joshua Group Preschool Program.  Students denied admission to Kindergarten in the Harrisburg School District are also considered for admission; all students must be low-income and reside within the attendance boundaries of the Harrisburg School District.  The academic curriculum is designed to prepare students upon completion for success in 1st grade and includes a heavy emphasis each day on Reading, Vocabulary Development, and Math; there are lessons weekly related to Science, Cultures, and  the Arts.  The curriculum also includes opportunities for creative expression and physical development.  Social skills such as cooperation, responsibility, and independence are explicitly taught and students are given many opportunities to master the socialization skills needed to be successful in 1st grade.