Resource Center for GED/Adult Learners

The Resource Center, located in the Joshua Learning Center, provides help to both young and older adults who dropped out of high school, are unemployed or underemployed, or lack basic needs such as food, clothing and shelter. Most of the adults who come to the Resource Center have low levels of educational attainment, limited work experience, health issues, and other personal circumstances that make completing educational goals or obtaining employment difficult. At the Joshua Learning Center, these adult learners can find: help to prepare for the GED in one-on-one or small prep classes; help to improve literacy and math skills; training in basic computer skills; assistance to apply to job training programs, college or technical school; help to search for employment and write a resume; and, most importantly, a trusted mentor to help set goals and make positive life decisions. The Resource Center has developed strong ties in the community, and our location on Allison Hill means our services are easily accessible by the population that needs them.